I’m a time traveller from 2236 – this is the exact year a meteor will wipe out half of America | The Sun

A SELF-proclaimed time traveller claiming to be from the year 2236 says a meteor will wipe out half of America – and they know when.

The mystery TikToker is hellbent on warning the world about possible future events that they claim could wipe out mankind.

Complete with an ominous background track, the alarming video has stoked fear among social media users due to the bold claims.

But others have laughed off the supposed time traveller's wild predictions, branding them "ridiculous" and demanding iron-clad proof.

In one of the TikToker's latest videos, they claimed a meteor is due to come crashing down to Earth that will obliterate half of the United States.

The anonymous poster, who shares clips under the name of @realtiktoktimetraveller, made a string of other bizarre claims too.


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They wrote: "I am a real time traveller from the year 2236 and I have come to a date in time to warn you about upcoming events in the next few years.

"In 2022, scientists discover a way to bring the megaladon (shark) through using its DNA and they create a real megaldon in 2023 and surprisingly nothing goes wrong.

"In 2025, scientists discover signs of life on two different planets and they are proven to be more advanced than humans.

"A meteor will come down to Earth in 2034 and will wipe out half of America."

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The alleged time traveller suggested that 50 per cent of the US would be decimated in just 12 years.

In another video detailing their forecast for the upcoming decade, they predicted the Maui dolphin will become extinct.

Other bizarre theories include Disney buying another large film studio and one of the largest tornadoes ever causing many casualties in North America.

Most TikTok users agreed the account is a prank, saying the account deletes videos when they are disproven.

And the latest predictions haven't been immune to the scrutiny either.

One commented: "Time traveller comes back just to use TikTok?"

Another wrote: "If you was a time traveller you wouldn't tell anyone if you were or if you weren't because if you did it would ruin the time line."

And a third added: "I'm about to save this just to prove this guy wrong when this stuff doesn't happen."

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