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A MAN who transformed an airplane into a fully functioning house revealed that he now has plans to build a hot tub on the wing.

Jon Kotwicki converted the aircraft into his dream home, which now lies nestled in the mountains of Big Lake, Alaska.

The pilot began building his incredible new pad from the body of a DC-6 Everts Air Cargo and kept many of the original features in his home.

Kotwicki told SupercarBlondie he was initially inspired to create his home-with-wings because "lumber was crazy expensive to build a regular house".

In a tour of the lodge, the giant plane can be seen standing in the centre of a patch of land surrounded by greenery.

There are steps leading up to a shed-like building that opens up to the door of the aircraft.



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Kotwicki revealed that the space was the "mudroom" which included his washing machine as well as the original cargo door.

Stepping through the surprisingly spacious area, another wooden door led to the master bedroom – fit with a king-sized bed.

The room retained the natural curve of a plane wall, while the pilot had added modern touches such as a flat-screen TV.

Next door to the impressive bedroom was a "real bathroom" which boasts a fully functioning shower, toilet, and sink.

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"So tiled shower, all that good stuff… I didn't want it to feel like you're in coach, in last class on an airplane," he joked.

The DIY whizz paced down his narrow hallway – the body of the original plane – which led to the guest bedroom.

Here, he had installed a queen-sized bed which he claimed was the perfect fit for friends and guests to share.

In the plane's belly, Kotwicki had built an entire kitchen, with plenty of storage, appliances, and a fridge-freezer.

But even more impressive than that, the building guru had created an area on the wing outdoors where guests are able to cook.

"If you get bored of cooking inside, you can always go ahead and come out to the wing deck and cook outside on the actual wing deck," he explained.

As he stepped onto the broad plane wing, a table and set of chairs were perched by a makeshift fence with stunning views overlooking the mountains of Alaska.

He then revealed his shocking plans to build a hot tub at the end of the wing – and said it would be a feature coming soon to the home.

"Nothing better than watching the Northern Lights in a nice warm tub," he added.

Back inside, the huge living area was filled with a long dining table, big enough to fit six.

Placed next to the table was a sofa bed, opposite another TV and coffee stand.

The original cargo door had been kept by Kotwicki as it retained its ability to be opened and closed "for some good airflow".

The renovated DC-6's living space was finished off with a classy final touch – an authentic massage chair which the pilot called "first-class seating".

Finally, at the top end of the plane, Kotwicki revealed that he had retained the "coolest part" of the original.

A door opened up into the cockpit which the builder said was "exactly as it was when it was flying".

The untouched cockpit is soon to be renovated, however, as Kotwicki has plans to install a flight simulator.

The airplane home is available to rent on Airbnb for prices ranging between £245 to £570 a night, depending on the time of year.

Under the Airbnb listing for the incredible build, Kotwicki wrote: "Climb aboard back to 1956! This DC-6 air freighter spent its life flying the skies of Alaska, hauling critical freight and fuel to remote villages around the state.

"Now you can climb aboard for one last flight and stay in this 2 bedroom, 1 bath airplane house with full kitchen, living room, and cockpit!"

Previous guests have left the unique property five-star reviews with one saying: "It was a very memorable and unusual stop on our journey through Alaska.

"If you are looking for something unusual and able to surprise you, then this is it".

Another wrote: "Such a special unique property. Kids loved playing pilots in the cockpit. Such a creative design and so memorable. It will be amazing once it is completed".

But Kotwicki isn't the first person to transform an old plane into a stylish home.

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