My engagement holiday was ruined by Paris bed bug epidemic…the hotel blamed mosquitoes but my body was COVERED in bites | The Sun

A HOLIDAYMAKER had her engagement ruined after she was ravaged by bed bugs in Paris.

Bonnie Clare had planned a three-month getaway across Europe, but her dream holiday was left tainted by the critters.

A warning has been issued in Paris about the "widespread" outbreak of bed bugs in public places, including in cinemas, at the airport and on public transport.

And now many are worried the pesky bugs may make their way to the UK – as cases have risen recently by 65 per cent year-on year as more and more households fall victim to the creepy crawlies.

Bonnie, from Australia, was left covered in red sores after her hotel in Paris was riddled with the blood sucking pests.

She told The Sun: "I first noticed bed bugs after my second night in my hotel, though I didn't know if it was bed bugs or not."



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After telling the hotel about her bites, they insisted they were just from mosquitoes.

"I had never heard or seen of mosquitoes in Paris and I’ve never had that type of reaction," Bonnie said.

"They then said 'sorry, we had an outbreak a month ago in that exact room so it probably was bedbugs'."

After Bonnie's ordeal, the hotel – which she paid £70 per night for – allegedly refused to refund her.

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To make matters worse, Bonnie said her confidence was ruined ahead of a surprise proposal from her boyfriend.

"It messed my body up and I had an allergic reaction to them, a week before my man met me in Rome to propose – I was covered in bites," she said.

What was meant to be a romantic trip left Bonnie second guessing her looks in the photos.

Bonnie said she used Photoshop to salvage her glam engagement photos in Italy.

"The bed bugs ruined my stay in Paris and my stay in Barcelona, as I was covered head to toe in bites that I had an allergic reaction to," she said.

"I had to go to a pharmacy and get antihistamines, steroid cream, antibiotics and bug bite cream – none of which worked.

"I went to Barcelona for a few days and because the bites don’t react for a few days after I kept waking up with new bites.

"And it made my stay in Barcelona uncomfortable, especially at the beach."

Bonnie is now warning other travellers to read reviews about their accommodation to make sure they avoid the same experience.

She said: "If someone a month or two ago complained about bed bugs, do not stay there."

Bed bugs have continued to explode in number not just in France, but now in the UK.

The disgusting creatures can hide in many places around the home including bed frames, mattresses, furniture, clothing, behind pictures and under loose bits of wallpaper.

They are also thought to be becoming resistant to insecticides and pest control experts may need several visits to a property as treatments do not always work first time.

The best thing to do is catch them early and prevent them from spreading – including five tell-tale signs that you could have an infestation.

Another woman, Jihoon, was in the French capital for Paris Fashion Week.

After riding the Metro once, she was covered in red sores after the critters attacked.

She said: "It's all over my leg, and the other leg as well, and it's so fricking itchy!"

She's also been checking her bags and her clothes to make sure she doesn't "carry any of them home".

"Guys, be careful," she concluded.

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