How to write a resume?

What is a resume?

A resume is a document that contains a brief career history and a description of a person’s professionally important qualities.

What is a resume for?

The main purpose of the resume is to attract to your candidacy, to make the employer feel that you are the right person for him. Your only chance to succeed with a resume is when they read it for the first time. It usually takes no more than two to three minutes to look at a resume. If it doesn’t get your attention, it doesn’t work.

A successful resume can be an opportunity for an interview, i.e. a face-to-face meeting with an employer, but it does not guarantee that you will get the job. Your goal is to get the reader to want to meet you in person.

By drafting your resume well. You thereby give your idea of yourself as a professional and your job search goals. This is not just helpful, but essential for the interview.

You put together a new resume for different jobs and new requirements. It does not mean that every time you come up with something new, just look at yourself, your experience from a different angle.

The main requirements for writing a resume

  • Conciseness. The text should not exceed two pages.
  • Concreteness. Write only about what is relevant to the job, avoid unnecessary details.
  • Truthfulness. Present only what you can really confirm. The information you give in your CV is open to verification at a later date.
  • Positive. Create a favorable impression, emphasize only positive qualities and strengths. Do not include information the employer may not like.
  • Good writing style. Use precise wording, avoid obscure abbreviations and jargon.
  • Pleasant layout. Use only quality paper and a good font. Arrange the text comfortably, divide it into paragraphs. Check and correct errors and typos. The resume should be easy to read.
  • Uniqueness. Write about what sets you apart from most other candidates.

Structure of resume

There is no standard resume form. The following sequence of paragraphs can be recommended:

  • Title. Instead of a title, write your full first name, last name, and middle name. The title “Resume” is not used.
  • Basic personal information. Brief information about yourself: date of birth, address, telephone number, marital status.
  • Purpose. Description of the job or position you are looking for.
  • Education. List of educational institutions, including dates, names of schools, specialties, received documents.
  • Work experience. Listing in reverse chronological order of jobs including dates, positions held, functions, and accomplishments.
  • Additional information. Computer skills (preferably with indication of software used), knowledge of foreign languages, driving license, social work in progress, hobbies, personal qualities.

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