Hero farmer tackles wildfire by ploughing trench to stop interno ravaging house

A hero farmer tackled a raging wildfire by creating a trench to stop the interno reaching a house.

Bill Alexander was praised for ploughing through his crops to help slow down the flames.

Shock footage showed his green tractor just yards away from the blaze in Lenham Heath, Kent, on Saturday.

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Andy Barr, who owns the farm, praised his “good neighbour” Bill for his “hero” actions.

The fire, which spread across almost 20 acres of land, was eventually put out after 90 minutes.

The farmer's heroics come as it is predicted that Britain is set to sizzle in four more heatwaves this summer after last week’s historic 40C scorcher.

A string of ‘Saharan Surges’ of heat are set to sweep in from North Africa, bringing 35C highs to the school holidays.

The first blast is due to arrive this weekend, with peaks of up to 30C expected from Friday onwards.

Two further spikes are expected in August, followed by a final hot spell in September to see out a record-breaking summer.

Meanwhile, parts of the UK are now dryer than the famous Sahara Desert – intensifying fears a hosepipe ban may be on the way.

Forecaster Brian Gaze, of The Weather Outlook, said: “After the record heat, four more spells which people would call heatwaves are forecast this summer.

Last week, North Wales Live reported how farmers leapt into action on Anglesey farmland in a bid to save their straw bales from a blazing fire.

Tracey O’Brien was driving back to her home in Llanfairynghornwy when she saw plumes of smoke hanging over the island.

Her teenage son, Casey took dramatic photos of the inferno as she praised the efforts of the community and emergency services.

She added: “The farmer ploughed the field to try and stop the fire from spreading. He’s also sprayed water from slurry tanks along a hedge line to prevent the fire from spreading to the next field.”


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