Gunfire explodes in a Copenhagen shopping mall

Gunfire explodes in a Copenhagen shopping mall leaving several people hurt

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Gunfire has broken out in a shopping centre in Denmark resulting in several casualties, Danish police have said. 

Police reinforcements have been deployed around Field’s shopping centre between the city centre and the airport, advising people inside the mall to stay put and await police assistance. 

Copenhagen police wrote on Twitter: ‘We’re on the scene, shots were fired and several people have been hit.’ 

Local media published images showing heavily armed police officers at the scene, as well as people running out of the shopping centre.

British singer Harry Styles was due to perform at 8pm local team (6pm BST) at a concert venue less than a mile from the scene of the shooting.

Police confirmed one person has been arrested in connection with the shootings but gave no other details.  

The concert promoter Live Nation could not immediately be reached for comment.

Eyewitnesses quoted by Danish media said they saw more than 100 people rush towards the mall’s exit when the first shots were heard. 

A woman flees the Field’s shopping centre during evacuation by armed police, in Oerstad, Copenhagen, Denmark, 03 July 2022, amid gunfire

Danish police say multiple people were hit by gunfire (worried civilians pictured after being evacuated)

Armed police officers arrive on the scene in Copenhagen as emergency crews load injured civilians into the back of ambulances

Crying civilians are seen running from the scene of a shooting which has left several injured according to Danish police

Distressed shoppers react after being evacuated from Field’s shopping centre in Copenhagen following a shooting

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