Great Britain's Olympians have once again punched above their weight – we salute them all

Knockout GB

WE could not be prouder of our Olympians.

They have been a knockout, and it was fitting that Lauren Price’s boxing masterclass should earn Team GB’s final gold medal of the Tokyo Games.

Great Britain have once again punched above their weight.

Our fourth position on the medal table is all the more amazing when you consider the comparative populations of the USA, China and Japan.

That really is battling against the odds.

There is something truly remarkable about the British sporting spirit.


Behind every single medal is a story of incredible dedication, countless hours of training, Herculean determination and sheer courage to overcome all obstacles, including sometimes life-threatening injuries.

As Boris Johnson said, they have shown the very best of this country. We salute them all.

And if you think they’re inspirational, wait until you see our Paralympians.

Bills of frights

TOO many hard-pressed families and OAPs are penalised with over-priced default ­tariffs because they stay loyal to their greedy energy supplier.

Many face a double whammy this October when Universal Credit is cut and their fuel bills rise by £139 in the energy price cap that was meant to protect them.

It cannot be right that only the internet savvy can keep the heating on by switching to more affordable energy.

Ministers must urgently bring forward plans to automatically switch consumers on to the cheapest tariffs to keep energy bills as low as possible.

Open up unis

THE refusal of universities to bring back full face-to-face teaching in the autumn will enrage parents and youngsters alike.

Thousands of students who find out their A-level grades this week, having overcome unprecedented disruption of their learning, deserve better than to be palmed off with “online uni”.

It is absurd that students can go to football matches, nightclubs and cinemas but not to lecture theatres.

It feels like another sector hanging on to Covid measures, long after the justification, simply because it suits them.

Alpaca excuses

ENVIRONMENT Secretary George Eustice’s obstinacy in refusing a stay of execution for Geronimo the alpaca looks bovine.

If Geronimo does have TB, which now looks dubious, what possible reason is there not to give him a new test before carrying out the death sentence?

Or does Mr Eustice not trust the tests?

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