Glasgow primary school car ban branded ‘disgraceful’ by parents

Parents blast ‘disgraceful’ new car-free zones outside Glasgow primary schools as vehicles are banned at drop-off and pick-up times in a bid to boost air quality

  • Six schools across the city will be participating in the car ban for 18 months
  • The  ban will only apply to able-bodied drivers at the start and finish of school 
  • Any drivers who breach the ban will soon be expected to pay out a £30 fine 

A new car-free zone scheme outside primary schools across Glasgow has received a mixed reaction from parents – with one calling the initiative ‘disgraceful’.

For the next 18 months, six primary schools in the city will have temporary pedestrian areas created at the beginning and end of the school day.

Participating schools have introduced the car-free zone curfew on school days between the hours of 8.30am and 9.15am and 2.30pm and 3.15pm 

A group of three school children walk past one of the signs reminding drivers that their car is not welcome near the grounds

To help enforce the new initiative, Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland had police officers, traffic wardens and safety officers turning away any vehicles trying to get access to the school. 

All cars and motorcycles are banned from the new pedestrian and cycle zones, except for disabled drivers.

A study found that three quarters of people in Glasgow believe banning cars from around school gates will improve air quality.

The poll, commissioned by the British Lung Foundation, found Glaswegians strongly back a scheme to create car-free zones around primaries.

The car ban will continue into 2021 meaning that many drivers joining the school run can expect hasty goodbyes with their children on school mornings. 

Police and traffic officers spent the morning turning away drivers who would usually have been able to drop their children off right at the gates

A similar scheme was launched at ten primary schools in Edinburgh in 2015.

Despite the widespread belief that keeping cars away from schools is positive, not every parent approved.

Dad-of-three Colin Barr, 39, whose children go to Lourdes Primary School in Glasgow’s Southside, said: ‘I think it’s terrible that you can’t come up here with your kids.’ 

‘You can’t even get parked up the road because of the pedestrian barriers and there’s cars all the way up both sides of the road, which will make it worse.’

‘Plus if you have to bring your kids across the road it’s going to be more unsafe.’ 

Throughout the morning police continued to watch for anyone not adhering to the ban, though ‘light touch’ is being employed and drivers won’t yet face any fines

So far there have been no fines issued, despite several cars having to be turned away from the schools.

Glasgow City Council has said it will take time for the scheme to bed in and they plan on taking a ‘light touch’ approach to begin with.

A spokesman for the council said: ‘It seems to have gone quite well this morning.’

‘There was always going to be a period of adjustment as people get used to it.’  

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