Football club worker who ‘blinded’ three police officers with laser pen jailed

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A woman has been jailed after temporarily blinding three police officers and being caught with a 'vicious' combat knife.

Birmingham Crown Court heard 26-year-old Nadine Thomas, from Sutton Coldfield, shone a laser pen into the eyes of two officers in Kings Norton, Birmingham, in June this year.

Then in August, she did the same to another police officer before being caught with what was described as "vicious" combat knife in a third incident.

Thomas, who was a part-time hospitality worker for Birmingham City FC, was jailed for 11 months on three charges of assault and one of possessing an offensive weapon, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Sending her down for 11 months at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Roderick Henderson said that fortunately none of the police officers were injured.

He added: "On each occasion, you took the choice to do something foolish and dangerous."

She had already admitted three charges of assault and one of possessing an offensive weapon.

In the first incident, two police officers were in the Kings Norton area when they were flagged down by a member of the public at around 3.30pm on June 20.

They were concerned about a 12-year-old boy who appeared to be wandering aimlessly around. The officers discovered he was autistic and decided to accompany him to his home to make sure he got there.

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It was at that point they saw Thomas in an alleyway off Shannon Road who then aimed the pen at them causing "momentarily" blindness.

They were "angry" about what had happened and also concerned about the welfare of the child in case he was epileptic and could have had a seizure.

In a separate incident on August 8, Thomas was at a bus stop and shone the pen into the eyes of another officer also temporarily blinding him.

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In a third incident Thomas, of Bowless Avenue, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham, was caught with a "vicious" combat knife.

Prosecutor Rob Cowley told Birmingham Crown Court on April 16, following a call, armed officers had gone to Shannon Road.

They saw Thomas, who matched the description of an individual given to them, in a group of people who then was seen to throw an item through a gap in the fence.

Joseph Keating, defending, said: "She did not fully appreciate the risk associated in relation to the laser pens."

He said it was a stupid thing to do rather than a deliberate attempt to cause serious harm.

Mr Keating said Thomas, who worked part-time in the hospitality centre at Birmingham City football club, had had a difficult background and had caring responsibilities.

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