Driver with '2FAST4U' number plate crashes £60,000 Jaguar into cafe

A driver smashed her luxury sports car with the number plate ‘2FAST4U’ into a South African café on Tuesday. 

Diners had to scramble for safety as the Jaguar F-Type Coupe ploughed through safety barriers at the popular spot in Constantia, Cape Town. The woman, who has not been named, escaped with just wounded pride – after accidentally hitting the accelerator rather than the brake.

Pictures show severe damage at the Botanicum Café & Grill – with the white V8 vehicle ending up resting at a 45 degree angle on a wall.

Onlooker Katie Dijzel, who took the photos, said: ‘I guess it brings a whole new meaning to a drive-thru breakfast – but the driver was just so mortified.

‘The car was gleaming and looked straight out of the showroom but it seems with the new rules of social distancing what with coronavirus her car was not having any of it at all.

‘The fortunate thing is that it was raining at breakfast time as on a usual day there would have been diners sat at the table where the Jaguar came through the crash barriers.’

Nobody else was hurt in the incident. 

Ms Dijzel continued: ‘A man I assumed to be the husband turned up a short while later in his Mercedes and it is fair to say he did not look best pleased when he saw the car several feet in the air.

‘A waiter joked that if the lady wanted a table she only had to ring to make a reservation.

‘The man who turned up was not impressed and emptied her shopping out of the crashed Jaguar and put it in his Mercedes and she just sat in the front looking so embarrassed.

‘I have sat at the very table where that car ended up which brought it home to me what could have happened but I still couldn’t help smiling when I saw the plate on the car.’

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