Donald Trump unleashes secret weapon from China in desperate bid to win US election

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Chen Guangcheng is a legal activist who fled China in 2012, with the help of American diplomats. Ahead of his speech, the Trump campaign has described him as a vicim of Xi Jinping’s oppressive government. The third day of the RNC will also see Donald Trump’s vice president Mike Pence headline the evening’s speeches.

Mr Chen has been described by the Trump campaign as persecuted by Chinese authorities “for exposing the depravity of the Chinese Communist Party”.

He was arrested in 2006 for disrupting traffic and damaging property by protesting China’s family planning abuses.

After his release in 2010 was placed under virtual house arrest with his family.

In 2012, Mr Chen escaped house arrest to seek refuge at the US embassy, where he was then offered fellowship at an American university to remove him from China.

Mr Chen did not comment on his RNC appearance when approached by the South China Morning Post, other than to confirm he will be speaking.

Mr Chen is a strong supporter of Mr Trump for his combative stance on China.

He accused previous administrations of seeking appeasement with Beijing at the expense of tackling their human rights abuses.

But despite his claims, the democrat Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped negotiate his freedom to heavy condemnation from Beijing.

His appearance and endorsement of the US President is expected to add more fuel to the Republican’s attacks on the Democrats.

Mr Trump has portrayed Democrat candidate for president Joe Biden as weak on China.

In an unscheduled speech on day one of the RNC, he said China would “own” the US if Mr Biden won the election.

Mr Trump added: “They own Joe Biden. They own him and they want me to it lose so badly”


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The RNC has featured China sceptics praise Mr Trump’s administration for tackling Beijing.

Current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used his speech on day two of the event to say the President had “pulled back the curtain on the predatory aggression of the Chinese Communist Party”.

He added: “The president has held China accountable for covering up the China virus and allowing it to spread death and economic destruction in America and around the world, and he will not rest until justice is done.

Mr Pompeo went on to add Mr Trump had “ensured that the Chinese Community Party’s spies posing as diplomats” were jailed or deported, and he had “ended the ridiculously unfair trade arrangement with China that punched a hole in our economy.”

Republican officials have seized on the lack of anti-China rhetoric at the Democratic National Convention last week.

Mr Pence claimed last week the lack of China in Mr Biden’s speech was evidence he would not keep the US safe.

He said: “The fact that Joe Biden, in his speech last night, never mentioned China was truly remarkable.”

Mr Pence is expected to discuss his and Mr Trump’s record in office tonight, before arguing the US is safer under the Republicans.

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