California mom battling COVID-19 dies after giving birth to sixth son

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A California mother battling COVID-19 died after giving birth to her sixth child, her heartbroken family said, adding that she didn’t get a chance to hold her newborn son.

Ashley Gornick-Gomez, a nurse at a congregate care facility who was 37 weeks pregnant, was rushed to Kaiser Permanente hospital in Woodland Hills in late December after experiencing difficulty breathing, KTLA reported.

Her husband, Wilber Gomez, said his wife initially didn’t want to go to the hospital so they had to force her.

An emergency cesarean was performed on Gornick-Gomez on Dec. 20, delivering a healthy baby boy. But she and her newborn son were separated immediately.

“What kills me right now is that she didn’t even have a chance to hold baby Corey,” Gomez told KTLA.

The day after the delivery, Gornick-Gomez’s condition deteriorated quickly when she developed pneumonia and a fever of 109 degrees.

Gornick-Gomez’s family said she worked late into her pregnancy and was extremely cautious when treating patients.

“I’m in shock because she was very protective, wearing the mask, all the PPEs,” her mother, Veronica Gornick, told the outlet.

Gornick-Gomez leaves behind six sons.

“Her boys meant the world to her,” Gornick said. “She loved her boys so so much.”

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