Bulldog mauls woman so badly it leaves tooth embedded in her head as owner's mum jailed for nine months

A BULLDOG mauled a woman so viciously it left a tooth embedded in her head.

Lynsey Casson, 37, was savaged by the out-of-control dog in Aberdeen last year and has been left "permanently disabled" by the attack.

The veterinary receptionist had been taking her own dog for a walk in a communal garden when the American Bulldog struck.

It dragged her to the ground where it bit her on the head, arm and both feet, leaving her screaming for help.

Dana Mullen, 42, who was in charge of the dog named Boston at the time, has now been sentenced to nine months in prison for the attack, as well as 15 months for an assault and robbery offence.

The dog belonged to Mullen's daughter.


Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard the incident happened outside properties on Shapinsay Road in Aberdeen.

Lynsey said: "I’m glad she’s doing jail time but it doesn’t seem fair to me that I’m left permanently disabled, and all she gets is nine months for the attack.

"I have to be heavily medicated, I’m undergoing counselling for PTSD, and my life has been irreparably changed.

"I'm not surprised at the length of the sentence, but I'm pretty disgusted. Had I been a child, I would've been dead.

"I don't feel safer knowing that she's locked up. I'm a veterinary receptionist so I see careless dog owners every day and some of them are an accident waiting to happen.

"There needs to be more rules when it comes to owning a dog because pretty much anyone can just get one."

Lynsey needed surgery on her arm and ankle and remained in hospital for three days.

And she later discovered a tooth embedded in her head.

Now Mullen has appeared back in court, via a video link from custody, to be sentenced following a Covid-linked delay.

Mullen, a prisoner of HMP Grampian, previously pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dog which was dangerously out of control and repeatedly bit the woman to her head and body to her injury and permanent disfigurement on June 25.

She also admitted two charges over a separate incident of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by following one woman, and also assaulting and robbing a second woman on August 6.

Defence agent Alex Burn told the court Mullen had let the dog out into the garden "to do its business" but had returned inside to get her lighter when the attack happened.

He said: "Once she became aware of it she immediately went outside to try and pull the dog back.

"In relation to the other charges, she has little recollection of these."

Sheriff William Summers said: "Anyone who owns or looks after a dog, particularly one as large and powerful as an American Bulldog, has a responsibility to properly look after it."

The court previously heard the dog had already been put down, but it since emerged this was incorrect, so the sheriff also made an order for the animal to be destroyed.

In relation to the other matter, the court heard the victim in that incident had been walking along Hilton Drive in Aberdeen at 8.25am on August 6 when she "became aware of the accused walking behind her".

The accused then "approached her from behind, put her arm around the victim's neck and said 'I've got a knife'".

Mullen then grabbed the woman's handbag and tried to pull it off her arm while repeatedly threatening her with the knife.

The victim let go of the bag and the accused ran away.

The total value of the bag and its contents is approximately £200.

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