Boy pens Christmas letter asking Santa to visit him and leave out gift

Brothers pen heartwarming letter to Santa which goes viral after asking the big man to finally visit them at their remote home in Brazil

  • Zaquel da Silva Costa, 9, wrote a letter asking Santa Claus to finally visit their home in the eastern Brazilian state of Acre 
  • The boy said he and his brother have been waiting for Saint Nicholas to visit their rural home in Acrelândia but each year he does not show up
  • Zaquel said he and his brother Kaique, 8, do not want any gifts except for Santa Claus to pay them a visit on Christmas Day 

A Brazilian boy’s wish this holiday season is for Santa Claus to finally pay him and his brother a visit at their home in the eastern Brazilian state of Acre.

Zaquel da Silva Costa had never written the type of Christmas letter every boy and girl pens at this time of the year in hopes of receiving their most sought after sneaker, toy and video game.

But the nine-year-old has now put pen to paper and asked the busy man in the North Pole if he could fulfill his ‘dream’ of meeting him.

His eight-year-old brother contributed to the effort, too, by drawing a picture of Santa Claus.

Zaquel da Silva Costa (right) penned a letter to Santa Claus asking if he could visit him and his brother Kaique da Silva Costa (left) at their home in Brazil on Christmas Day because they have never met him

The letter, written December 7 and dropped off at the local post office in Ramal da Granada, Acrelândia, read as follows: ‘Hello, Santa! My name is Zaquel and my brother is Kaique. We don’t even want a present. We really want to meet you. Every Christmas we expect you and you don’t come. I’ll leave my address.  I live in the countryside in Ramal Granada, Kilometer 24. You don’t even [have to give us a gift], you are the gift. Santa Claus in my dreams I imagine you like this, just like on TV. I love you …’ 

For extra measure, Zaquel da Silva Costa even provided Father Christmas the family’s home number just in case he decides to make the long distance phone call from the North Pole before hitting the trail with his reindeers.

The one-page missive went viral after it was shared on social media by the boys’ father, Adair Marques da Costa, because his children always held on to the curiosity of getting to know ‘man who wears red at Christmas’ – who admitted he has never seen him in person either.

‘I’m hoping to meet Santa Claus this year,’ Zaquel da Silva Costa told Brazilian outlet G1.

 ‘I don’t want a gift, only if he brings it [will] I accept. But the dream is to know him. It will be a bliss if he comes,’ he said. 

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