Biden's doctor says president is back to excercising

Biden’s doctor says president is back to EXERCISING and his symptoms have ‘almost completely resolved’ – but will still be confined to the residence until he tests negative

  • Joe Biden ‘feels well enough to resume his physical exercise regimen’
  • His doctor said Biden’s symptoms have ‘almost completely resolved’
  • President continues to isolate in residence 
  • ‘I’m feeling great,’ Biden said on Monday 
  • Biden is an avid bike rider and also does weight lifting 

Joe Biden ‘feels well enough to resume his physical exercise regimen,’ his doctor said on Tuesday, as the president enters Day Five of his covid 19.

Biden’s symptoms have ‘almost completely resolved,’ Dr. Kevin O’Connor said in a statement. But the president will continue to isolate. He had been suffering from a running nose, cough and body aches. 

The president also has completed the five days of his PAXLOVID treatment.

The White House said the president will stay in isolation until he tests negative. 

‘Once he has a negative test after day five, he can end his isolation,’ Covid coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha said in Monday’s press briefing. ‘CDC guidance suggests that you wear a mask when he’s around others. The President’s gonna follow CDC guidance.’

Joe Biden ‘feels well enough to resume his physical exercise regimen,’ his doctor said; the White House released the above photo of Biden working from the Truman Balcony alongside his dog Commander

Biden is an avid bike rider and also likes to lift weights – above he rides his bike in Rehoboth Beach in July 2022

Biden is known to be an avid biker, riding outside when he can but also on a Peloton bike. 

In June he took a spill from his bike while outside riding during a weekend at his Rehoboth Beach home but was okay, getting up to pedal off. 

He also typically begins his mornings with a workout that usually involves some sort of weight lifting. 

The president has been staying busy during his isolation.  

He has been participating in meetings virtually from the residence. The White House also has been releasing photos of Biden at work in the residence. 

On Monday, the president said he is feeling ‘great.’

‘I’m feeling great,’ Biden said, noting his voice was still ‘raspy.’

‘You know I’ve had two nights of sleep all the way through,’ Biden continued.

‘Matter of fact, my dog had to wake me up this morning. My wife’s not here. She usually takes him out in the morning while I’m upstairs working out and so I felt this nozzle of my dog’s nose against my chest about five minutes or seven,’ Biden said.

 First lady Jill Biden flew to the family home in Wilmington after Biden’s positive test came in last week.

‘I’m feeling better every day. I still have this, a little bit of a sore throat and a little bit of a cough, but it’s changing significantly. It’s now on the upper part of my throat. It’s more around my nose and anywhere else. And but they tell me that’s par for the course. And I think I’m on my way to a full, total recovery,’ the president said.

‘I hope I’m back to work in person by the end of this week,’ he noted. 

President Joe Biden said Monday he was ‘feeling great’ as he continues to isolate at the White House. On Thursday he tested positive for the coronavirus

Biden also revealed other details about how the virus has impacted his workday.

‘Well, I hope I’m back to work in person by the end of this week,’ he said. ‘But as you know, I’ve been keeping a full schedule. I mean, I’ve done four major events today and I’m … I didn’t start today until 9:30. And I’ll finish today probably … I’ll finish about 6:30 Plus, I’m not keeping the same hours, but I’m meeting all my requirements that come before me and we’re making decisions on a whole range of other topics as well,’ Biden said.

Dr. Jha did not say what Biden’s testing regime will be after his five days of isolation have ended. He noted most people test positive on a PRC test for a long time.

‘He made remain PCR positive for a long time. We don’t use PCR testing in people who recovers. So we don’t use PCR testing. But in terms of his the regular cadence of his antigen testing – that is not something that, I don’t know what the cadence will be, and that’s something that’s gonna be decided between him and his physician,’ he said at Monday’s press briefing.

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