Putin issued eerie ultimatum by Ukraine military ‘Have two options’

Ukraine defence forces urge Russian soldiers to 'run'

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Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence shared the eerie propaganda video online to the tune “Run, Rabbit, Run”. Aimed at Russian troops in the Kherson region, the montage warns Putin’s forces to flee or be killed. 

The short video opens with a message: “Our Russian ‘guests’ currently in Kherson oblast.”

Next, we see a Russian infantryman recording a video message under heavy Ukrainian bombardment.

“Ukrs hit with everything they have,” the huddled solder tells the camera.

“They broke through the first line of defence.”

“You have two options,” reads the next message to Russian forces.

The video then cuts to footage of Russian soldiers fleeing while the ‘Run Rabbit” song, popularised by British comedy-singing duo, Flanagan and Allen in the 1930s, plays in the background.

Ukrainian artillery pieces are shown hammering Russian troops as the song continues to play over the top.

“Bang, bang, bang goes the farmer’s gun,” Flanagan and Allen can be heard singing. 

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“Run,” comes the following message overlaid with footage of Ukraine snipers targeting Russian infantry.

“Or die,” the last warning reads. 

Russia’s defence ministry and a local Moscow-backed local official said on Thursday that Ukrainian forces had attempted to seize the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in southern Ukraine.

In a statement, the ministry said that up to 60 Ukrainian troops had crossed the Dnipro river, which divides territory held by the two sides, in boats at 6:00 a.m. local time (0300 GMT). It called the operation a “provocation” aimed at disrupting a planned visit by International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to the nuclear plant.


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The ministry said that “measures had been taken” to destroy the opposing troops, including use of military aviation.

The ministry also accused Ukraine of shelling the IAEA delegation’s meeting point and the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant itself.

Separately, a local Russian-installed official Vladimir Rogov told state broadcaster RT that Ukrainian forces launched an attack out of “desperation” over the IAEA’s inspectors’ visit to the planned later on Thursday.

He said the Russian air force now pinned down Ukrainian assault troops.


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