Adopt A Pal: Sweet shepherd looking for an Angel

Every Monday on Adopt a Pal, Global News Morning features rescues in Manitoba to help them find forever homes.

This week, All Shepherd Rescue visits Global Winnipeg with a dog looking for her forever home.

Angel was brought to the rescue after being hit by a car. She ended having some paralysis and nerve damage in a front leg. Angel has since fully healed from the incident.

She is known for how sweet she is and is very playful. There’s one catch though — she’s going through a phase where she likes to nibble at toes.

Holiday adoption

All Shepherd Rescue is cautioning people about adopting during the holiday season.The rescue’s Jamie Blocker wants people ensure they’ve thought about the choice for quite sometime and are truly ready to welcome a new family member.

The rescue puts on an adoption freeze around the holidays, to ensure adoptions are not not on an impulse.

All Shepherd Rescue is always looking for donations, particularly for food so they other funds to cover medical bills.

More information on the the rescue can be found here.

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