Adopt A Pal: Dogs relax their way into a new work week

Every Monday on Adopt a Pal, Global News Morning features rescues in Manitoba to help them find forever homes.

This week, Giant Breed Rescue brings in some quiet dogs just looking to relaxing on a Monday Morning, or any day really.

Lola is from Dauphin, is very respectful and has a very calm presence wherever she is. She can shy, but will easily warm up to some good loving.

Lola has a Grade 6 heartworm, which is still being examined by a cardiologist. She also has entropion, where eyelids curl in and rub on the eye. She takes eye drops multiple times a day to help take care of the condition.

Lola joins Global News Morning to relax and find a forever home.

Lady loves a good hug from whoever is around and will return the kind gesture with a kiss. Lady has a heartworm and is soon beginning treatment to help take care of the condition. To not worsen the issue, it’s best Lady stays as calm as possible.

Lady would do best in a home that offers endless love and can be treated just like one of the fellow kids.

Lady gets some snuggles during Adopt A Pal on Global News Morning.

Heartworm Prevention

As mosquito season quickly buzzes toward Manitoba, Giant Breed Rescue is cautioning owners to be aware of the possible spread of heartworms.

Dogs can get heartworms after being bitten by an infected mosquito. Failure to treat the problem once a dog is infected can be fatal.

Prevention of heartworms can include monthly or daily medication, according to the Manitoba Veterinarian Medical Association.

Heartworm is only transmitted through infected mosquitos — it is not transmitted from one pet to another.

Shelter Needs

The shelter is always looking for donations, with a particular need for training pads and food.

For more information about Giant Breed Rescue and dogs available, click here.

-With files from Sharon Pfeifer

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