‘WILL YOU SHUT UP!’ Speaker Lindsay Hoyle has two rowdy MPs kicked out of Commons

PMQs: Speaker angrily removes members from the chamber

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The speaker exploded in rage at the Alba MPs Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill after the pair disrupted the beginning of the Prime Minister’s questions by shouting out demands for a second referendum on Scottish independence. A furious Sir Hoyle turned on the Alba MPs amid the clamour from MPs and told the House of Commons to “shut up a minute!”

“Order! Order!,” yelled the Speaker from the chair.

“I will not tolerate such behaviour.

“If you want to go out go out.

“If you stand again I will order you out.”

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The MP for East Lothian and Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath were eventually ordered to leave the chamber by the Speaker.

Mr MacAskill could be heard trying to raise a point of order and appeared to say “we need a referendum in the Prime Minister” before he was drowned out by other MPs.

He then refused to sit down and continued to speak, which prompted Sir Lindsay to act.

Mr Hanvey then rose to his feet and could not be heard over the heckling from Tory MPs, before he was subsequently told to leave the chamber.


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“Neale Hanvey, I am now naming you and Kenny MacAskill to leave this chamber,” Hoyle said, requesting them to be escorted out and warning that it might lead to them being suspended from the house.

Once PMQs restarted Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called on the Prime Minister to scrap “the absurd” non-dom status that allows the super-rich to dodge tax.

Sir Keir said: “May I welcome the new Cabinet to their places. We have a new Chancellor who accepted a job from the Prime Minister on Wednesday afternoon and then told him to quit on Thursday morning.

“A new Northern Ireland Secretary who once asked if you need a passport to get to Derry. The new Education Secretary, whose junior ministers have literally been giving the middle finger to the public. It is truly the country’s loss that they will only be in post for a few weeks.”

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“Now, the Prime Minister must be feeling demob happy since he was pushed out of office,” continued Sir Keir. 

“Finally, he can throw off the shackles, say what he really thinks and forget about following the rules. So, does he agree it’s time to scrap the absurd non-dom status that allows the super rich to dodge tax in this country?”

Boris Johnson replied: “I thank him very much. It’s perfectly true that I am grateful for the ability to speak my mind, which I have never really lost. But what I am focusing on is continuing the Government of the country. As I just told you, from tomorrow £326, never mind non-dom. Doms or non-doms, I don’t mind. £326 is arriving in the bank accounts of eight million vulnerable people.”

He added: “One of the consolations of leaving office at this particular time is that vacancies are at an all-time high.”

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