What is a no confidence vote? What is Boris facing now?

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Boris Johnson is now facing a no confidence vote asLabour sources said the party will table a no confidence motion in his outgoing government later today. Sir Keir Starmer’s party is seeking to hold the vote on Wednesday.

What is a no confidence vote?

This vote is different to the type of no confidence vote Mr Johnson faced from his own party last month.

Tabled by Labour, if it happens it will mean the entire House of Commons will vote on whether to keep the outgoing Prime Minister in office.

It needs a simple majority to pass, and would see Mr Johnson out Number 10 before the provisional date of September 5 for a new leader to take over.

It also has the power to trigger a general election, something Labour have been calling for since Mr Johnson announced his resignation.

Any MP can propose a no confidence vote in the Government, but one put forward by a backbencher is unlikely to receive support.

However, as this one will be tabled by opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer, it carries significantly more weight.

Convention means the Government must provide time for a debate.

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