Sunak told to solve migrant crisis now or the Tories ‘are finished’

Hungarian Foreign Minister discusses migrant crisis in Europe

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The issue has become a key political point with Reform UK’s threat proving that the migrant crisis must be effectively tackled in order to win over voters. Rishi Sunak has made a pledge to “stop the boats” and will specifically target people arriving from Albania.

Over a third of migrants who made the crossing in the first nine months of last year were from Albania.

The Prime Minister told the House of Commons that “enough is enough” and the system is “not fair”.

Alongside his five-point plan, Sunak will introduce legal reforms which will include “legislation to make unambiguously clear that if you enter the UK illegally you should not be able to remain here” and will be “detained and returned to your home country or another safe country” as soon as possible.

Mr Sunak also plans to restart the controversial flights to Rwanda once action has been played out in the courts.

He also hopes to crackdown on migrants with spurious reasons for seeking UK asylum.

With a poll from last month concluding that Reform UK is polling at almost half of the Conservative vote share, Sunak has been warned to take immediate action or the “Tories are finished”.

Speaking on GB News, Reform UK founder Nigel Farage spoke to Dan Wootton who slammed the current immigration system which sees British borders “at breaking point”.

Mr Farage noted that the Conservatives have failed to wake up to the issue which they brushed under the carpet and have now “ever so slowly realised there is a massive problem”.

On Sunak’s action plan to tackle the crisis, Farage slammed the Prime Minister, saying: “We’ve heard all of that before from Priti Patel, from Suella Braverman”.

He continued: “But here’s the point. Nothing they do will work. All the while British judges can rely on the ECHR backed up by their court in Strasbourg and is Rishi Sunak really going to pledge to take us out of that?

“I don’t think Mr Goody Two Shoes would do that in a month of Sundays.

“Once again, we’ve got the Conservatives promising the earth but unable to deliver because they won’t take the tough action.”

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The former director general of the UK Border Force, Tony Smith, previously told Farage on GB News of his belief that the UK must leave the European Court of Human Rights in order to solve the migrant issue.

Mr Smith told the GB News presenter: “Human rights laws mean we cannot control our borders.”

Both Nigel Farage and his colleague and interviewer Dan Wootton said that the issue has now become such a major concern for voters that action has to be taken immediately in order for the Tories to win at the next General Election.

Mr Wootton said: “The boats have to be done before the next election or the Tories are finished. They will be wiped off the electoral map. We’re losing patience.”

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