Ripping up EU red tape offers ‘treasure trove off opportunity’

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The Brexit Opportunities Minister wants the public to help weed out useless Brussels regulations that remain on UK books.

He said the “revolutionary” reforms will put consumers first instead of producers and mean lower prices.

Fizzy wine costs are set to drop when red tape forbidding it from being sold in plastic bottles is scrapped.

Reforms are also expected to ease the development of “novel foods”, such as meat grown in laboratories.

Around 2,400 European directives were in place when the UK voted to leave the European Union, six years ago today.

Mr Rees-Mogg has launched an online dashboard that will allow the public to look at the existing law.

It will be particularly helpful to businesses to allow them to identify red tape that is slowing them down. 

He said: “We will continue working with departments to cut at least £1billion of business costs from EU red tape, to ensure greater freedoms and productivity.”

“Ensuring we have the right regulation is crucial; excessive and unnecessary regulations which burden business or distort market outcomes reduce productivity – pushing up prices and negatively affecting everyone’s cost of living.”

Mr Rees-Mogg said one Whitehall department had been resistant to changing the inherited laws, claiming only two percent could be ditched.

He has warned ministers and civil servants they must be “thorough” about finding unnecessary rules and he will be running a league table to show how well they are performing.

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