Nicola Sturgeon plot to outwit Boris on Covid backfires ‘Sturgeon strategy has failed!’

Nicola Sturgeon's coronavirus strategy 'backfired' says McCrae

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Political commentator from think tank Bruges Group, Dr Niall McCrae, insisted that Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus strategy to help with her political ambitions has failed. During an interview with, Dr Niall McCrae insisted Ms Sturgeon hoped to show that Scotland was more caring and capable than Boris Johnson’s Westminster Government. He criticised her zero-Covid strategy and insisted she, like other leaders, have found eliminating coronavirus completely is “futile.”

He said: “Sturgeon saw her big chance to show how Scotland was more caring, better able to deal with a threat to peoples’ lives.

To show that Scotland was better able to deal with it than the reckless penny pitching Tories south of the border.

“The problem that Nicola Sturgeon had was that she took, as one of her main advisors, someone called Devi Sridhar.

“She is a sort of globalist academic who has written a book in the past with Chelsea Clinton.

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“For Devi Sridhar, a zero Covid strategy is what she was urging Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Government to pursuit.

“We know, as do the Australians who are now finding out, a zero Covid strategy is pretty futile when you have got borders with England and you are so closed to the mass population of Europe.

“That is initially what Sturgeon tried to.”

Dr McCrae highlighted how this approach didn’t prove to be as effective politically for the SNP.

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He said: “That has all sort of backfired on Sturgeon.

“For all her promises, for all her far more restrictive lockdown that we have had in England, it has failed.

“They have got as many cases, hospitalisations, and deaths as they have in England or indeed in most European countries.

“It has not been the weapon of independence that Sturgeon thought Covid would be.

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“It has not given her what she has hoped for.”

Dr Niall closed by highlighted some of the political benefits coronavirus has had for the SNP.

He said: “On the other hand, Covid has allowed her to do these daily press conferences which are basically party political broadcasts.

“That led to the SNP succeeding in retaining power in Scottish Parliament elections, they do carry a lot of public support with them.” 

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