Michael Gove boasts Tories are already giving NHS £350m a week after Brexit

Michael Gove has boasted that the Tories have achieved Brexit, and delivered the £350million extra a week in NHS funding promised by his and Boris’s Vote Leave battle bus.

A key argument of the Brexit referendum campaign was that the UK hands £350million a week to the EU, and this should be spent on the health service instead.

The claim proved incredibly controversial, with Remainers arguing that the amount of money was not handed over to Brussels by the UK when the rebate was taken into account.

Speaking at the Tory conference this lunchtime, Mr Gove boasted: “Brexit has been delivered, and membership of the world’s fastest-growing trade block secured.

“And there is now more than £350million extra a week for our NHS.”

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Grinning in the knowledge this claim would wind up his pro-EU opponents, Mr Gove quipped: “Promise made, promise delivered.”

The Levelling Up Secretary pledged the Tories would “take the fight” to the Labour Party “of Jeremy Corbyn and his friend Keir Starmer”.

He blasted the Labour leader’s flip-flopping, not least over Brexit.

He said: “Sir Keir: who was against Brexit, then wanted to accept Brexit, then wanted a second referendum on Brexit, then he said he wanted to ‘make Brexit work’, then just last month he said he wanted a Brexit that is actually identical to EU membership.

“He was saying, as he always does, whatever he thought people in the audience wanted to hear.”

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Mr Gove delivered a knockout blow, describing Sir Keir Starmer as “the jellyfish of British politics”.

He said: “Transparent, spineless and swept along by the tide!”

Mr Gove was joined in brutally attacking Keir Starmer by Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride, who described Sir Keir Starmer as a “Marxist”.

He said: “The reality is, you and I know exactly why Captain Hindsight can’t make up his mind when it comes to welfare.

“It’s because his own instincts are totally out of touch with the majority of the British people.

“Rather like Jeremy Corbyn, Keir Starmer truly is a Marxist. Because as Groucho Marx put it, ‘I have principles, but if you don’t like them…well, I have others’.”

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