Lee Anderson hails Kemi Badenoch for exposing Sky host’s ‘outrageous’ claims

Kemi Badenoch clashes with Sky News host over Net Zero

Tory MPs have rounded on Sky presenter Jayne Secker, who alleged during a row with Kemi Badenoch that poor Brits would have been unaffected by the ban on new petrol and diesel cars in 2030 as they “don’t drive in this country”.

Ms Badenoch immediately slammed the presenter, accusing her of making a “ludicrous statement”.

She said: “If you step outside of London – come to my constituency – you will find the poorest in society drive because they live in a rural area.

“What you said is actually quite astonishing!”

The Business Secretary added: “People who live in cities will be able to deal with this in a way that is quite different from people who live in towns and rural areas.”

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“We need to think about everybody not just the metropolitan bubble.”

Her feisty performance, and defence of the Government’s new net zero rules, won plaudits among Tory MPs.

Tory Red Wall deputy chairman Lee Anderson said of the Sky presenter’s claim: “Imagine being this out of touch and saying this about poorer people.

“These so-called journalists would probably cross the street to avoid walking past a ‘poor person’.

“Well done Kemi Badenoch for challenging this outrageous attitude.”

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He was joined by fellow Red Wall MP Ben Bradley, who said the claim proved “what we’re up against” in changing net zero laws so they don’t hammer ordinary Brits’ finances.

Mr Bradley said Ms Badenoch has put the Sky presenter “in her place” and said Ms Secker needs “to step into the real world”.

He said: “This metropolitan London mindset is what has led Labour to already come out and say they’d reimpose this 2030 ban if they win a General Election.

“Hitting the poorest, hitting our economy, in an ‘at all costs’ approach to net zero.

“Might be fine for people in Islington, but London doesn’t reflect England. There’s a clear dividing line opening up between the parties here.”

Paul Howell, who won Sir Tony Blair’s former constituency of Sedgefield for the Tories in 2019, added it was an “outrageous and downright offensive comment to millions across the country who rely on petrol and diesel cars”.

He said: “Once again the London Elite demonstrate how out of touch they are with hardworking people.”

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