‘It’s been hell’ Distraught father of 5 breaks down in tears over pressure of new lockdown

Lockdown: Father-of-five breaks down following announcement

A father from Cambridge has opened up about his devastating experience of being impacted by lockdown following the latest coronavirus announcement. Mick told talkRADIO’s Mark Dolan that he had been through “absolute hell” as he fought back tears. Boris Johnson announced a third national lockdown for England on Monday night after Covid infection levels rose to staggering new highs. Reacting to the news of another lockdown he said: “Sometimes you think there is no end to it.”

An emotional Mick said: “It has been so difficult and we just keep going. Any time you get anywhere you go back again.

“It’s just absolute hell. There’s worse than me out their probably but sometimes you just think there is no end to it.

“An the politicians don’t give a toss.

“Look at the three million excluded, they are losing their lives, there are suicides.”

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Father-of-five Mick added: “I’m flabbergasted we are back where we are. In fact, we are in a worse situation than we were in March. 

“I just feel for the thousands and thousands of self-employed people out there like myself.

“We are really struggling, and it’s okay for the mainstream media, journalists, TV so-called celebrity presenters. You all going to get paid, all the politicians are going to get paid.

“You’re not going to lose a day’s payout of this. But people are going to lose their homes, their marriages, their lives.”

Talk Radio host Mark Dolan said his heart went out to Mick, adding: “I can just hear the pain in your voice, Mick. You will get through this, I wish you and your family well.

“It is a colossal nightmare what you are going through, hell is the word you used.”

Mr Dolan added that he would “stop at nothing” to counterbalance the “understandable concern” about the virus with the “human devastation” the lockdown measures have generated.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a massive £4.6billion support package for businesses to help them through England’s third national lockdown.


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The Chancellor said retail, hospitality and leisure businesses could claim up to £9,000 per property to help them through the coming months.

A further £594million has been made available to local authorities to give to businesses who do not qualify for the one-off top-up grants.

The new funding is on top of the £3,000 grants already announced for closed businesses and the furlough scheme, which the Chancellor extended until April last month.

His latest announcement came after the Prime Minister last night plunged England into a new lockdown set to last at least seven weeks.

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