Graham: Often-maligned conservative women are the 'big winner' after Barrett confirmation

Graham: Barrett confirmation a victory for conservative women

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman reflects on the confirmation of new Supreme Court justice on ‘Hannity’

Conservative women whose are maligned, misunderstood and attacked for their beliefs are the "big winner" after the Senate confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court Monday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told "Hannity." 

"To all those conservative women who go through hell for being conservative, who get beat up by the mainstream media for embracing your faith, being pro-life, being traditional in your family structure, you're a winner tonight," Graham told host Sean Hannity.

"There's a seat at the table for you," the senator added. "This is not a glass ceiling being broken. It's a concrete barrier being broken. Amy Barrett represents every aspiration of a young conservative woman. She's going to do awesome [and] I cannot wait for her to be on the Supreme Court tomorrow."

Graham went on to describe Barrett as someone "who understands the difference between my job [as a legislator] and being a judge" and "one of the most highly educated people ever to go on the court."

"She's not from Harvard, she's not from Yale, she is a normal person," he continued.

However, Graham went on to warn viewers that Barrett's effect on the high court may be short-lived if a Democratic Senate and White House is able to expand its size.

"They're going to do it," he predicted. "The only reason they won't do it is if the American people stop them. We must maintain control within the United States Senate."

Graham then listed several key races where Republicans are defending Senate seats, naming Joni Ernst in Iowa, Martha McSally in Arizona, and Susan Collins in Maine among others.

"We cannot turn over the entire government to this radical left," he warned. "[Chuck] Schumer's speech tonight was disgusting. He's the guy that started the filibuster with Bush 43. He's the guy, along with Sen. [Edward] Kennedy who declared war on all things conservative. It's Alito, it's Kavanaugh, it's Thomas, it's Bork. It's not the process. They tried to destroy Judge Kavanaugh's life."

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