‘Focus on smashing Labour’ Penny Mordaunt has Starmer trembling with leading polls

Penny Mordaunt says lets focus on 'absolutely smashing Labour'

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Penny Mordaunt has boasted that a Conservative Party under her leadership would be able to smash Labour, pointing to political polling the Portsmouth North MP argued voters appear ready to switch from red to blue even in core Labour areas such as in London. Ms Mordaunt has raced to the forefront of the contenders pushing to replace Boris Johson on Number 10 and take on Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour. 

Ms Rigby told the Conservative leadership hopefully: “Rishi Sunak does not want to have to go against you with party members, does he because you’re more popular.

Mr Mordaunt replied: “Well, in the polling that’s been done I beat all other candidates.”

“So basically there’s a race on to stop plenty more than get into the final two,” added Ms Rigby.

“But more critically, the polling shows that I also bet Kier Starmer in places like London for example,” said the Tory MP.

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Initially seen as an outsider, the trade minister is now tipped as one of the candidates who could make it to the final two, displacing Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

In the interview with Sky News, she said she had been “beavering away” at her junior ministerial job in recent years, when asked about her low-profile compared to rivals Ms Truss and former chancellor Rishi Sunak.

“I have just been getting on with my job, but I have thought long and hard about what this country needs.”

“I feel really compelled to do this. It would be a huge honour to be prime minister.”

Penny Mordaunt hits back at Beth Rigby over trans stance

Ms Mordaunt rejected the idea that attacks on her for being too “woke” on issues such as trans rights could be the issue that ends her bid to replace Boris Johnson.

“Look at how we’re doing in the polls in the country, in London, in Scotland, with young people, with women, with Red Wall, with Blue Wall,” she told Sky News.

“It’s not having an impact on my campaign, and it’s not having an impact on my parliamentary campaign.

“And I think the reason for that is that people recognise it for what it is.

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“I understand why people are trying to stop me getting into the final two, but I am going to stay focused on the things that matter to the public and the people we’re here to serve.”

The trade minister said she had both domestic and international-facing roles across various departments and multiple governments.

Ms Mordaunt declined to criticise the record of the Boris Johnson administration, but said that “people want us to deliver”.

“I think it is important we don’t trash our record, because actually we have done an awful lot of good things.”

She specifically praised changes to regulations since the UK left the EU, as well as progress in education.

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