Call her bluff! Brexiteer says Boris can destroy Sturgeon’s indy dream by giving her vote

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After the Prime Minister faced considerable criticism from the SNP for his trip north of the border yesterday, Alexandra Philips believes rather than continuing to butt heads, he should grant Ms Sturgeon her wish, with the consequent campaign shining a light on the manifest drawbacks. Ms Philips, one of 29 Brexit Party MEPs elected in 2019, said: “If Scotland is to hold a second ballot, certain realities must first be addressed.”

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, she explained: “Just as the EU made clear Britain could not ‘cherry pick’ from membership, the UK owes its constituent countries the right to say the same to Scotland.

“There can be no Sterling in Stirling. Scotland must not be allowed to transpose the galling illogic of the West Lothian Question onto the UK Exchequer in perpetuity.”

The Eurozone’s woes had underlined the impracticality of single currencies “bridging variable fiscal policies”, Ms Philips argued.

She added: “Taking our currency back inside the EU via Edinburgh, with mounting levels of Euro debt and risk of future bailouts, should not be in Sturgeon’s gift.”

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Nor was this the only consideration, argued Ms Philips, with matters concerning borders, access to the UK market, and probably transfer of executive control from Westminster to Brussels also on the agenda.

She said: “Britain rightly deserves answers to these questions if Sturgeon, unlike Brexiteers, isn’t advocating a clean break.

“The SNP has been able to hide its sorry track record in a Westminster blame game, but a solo Scotland would be less tolerant of shambolic administration.”

Ms Sturgeon would likely learn that being in government outside the UK was “more challenging than the cushioned tolerance of her petulance from within”.

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Referring to the First Minister’s proclamation that she would call an advisory referendum if the SNP wins May’s Holyrood elections, Ms Philips said: “So do not deny her a second referendum, if indeed that is what the people of Scotland vote for in spring.

“Yet, while one imagines if the UK were to slink back to Brussels, tail between legs, asking to be let back in, a cash-strapped EU would say oui, unburdened Sassenachs may not be quite as welcoming of a Prodigal Scot.”

In November, banking consultant Bob Lyddon told Scotland was an “economic basket case”, likewise claiming it would find out the hard way what life outside the UK was like should it come to pass.

In November, banking consultant Bob Lyddon told Scotland was an “economic basket case”, likewise claiming it would find out the hard way what life outside the UK was like should it come to pass.

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He said: “Westminster’s stance towards the SNP – appeasement – has failed.

“Instead it has strengthened the SNP’s jingoism and its apparent popularity amongst Scottish voters.

“All the SNP have done during the coronavirus crisis is to stoke division with the rest of the UK, demand more money, and make themselves more popular.

“If they are that brilliant at everything, we should offer to cut them loose and straight away.

“We paid Danegeld to make the Danes go away, and they didn’t.

“We pay Scotsgeld to keep Scotland in the UK and they don’t want to.

“Let’s try a new version: Scotland can go if they want, but without any Scotsgeld.”

Speaking during his trip yesterday, Mr Johnson accused Ms Sturgeon of using the subject of independence as a distraction.

He said: “I think it’s a mark of their general diversionary tactics that they continue to talk about a referendum rather than about domestic political concerns, which I think are the crucial things.”

Earlier Kenny Brown, the SNP’s deputy leader Keith Brown said the Prime Minister was “rattled”.

He added: “By branding this campaign trip as ‘essential’, this is clearly a Prime Minister in panic who knows the Tories are losing the argument on independence.

“Twenty polls in a row have shown that a majority of voters believe Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s.”

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