Brexit Party puts spotlight on Tory fears as Stephen Barclay issues warning

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has forced the Tories to reconsider their standing in British politics after the former UKIP leader’s group topped the polls in the European elections. Mr Barclay said the party should empathise with the many Tory voters who deserted the party to vote for the Brexit Party on May 23. He told Politico: “I think it has always been a more nuanced picture because the Brexit Party draws many Labour voters as well as other parties.

“It is important the Conservative Party is in no way complacent about the frustration that many of my voters and those elsewhere feel about the fact that three years after voting to leave, we have not left.” 

Mr Barclay’s comments come after Mr Farage warned the Tories will be “toast” in a general election as he vowed to field “over 600 candidates”. 

He told talkRADIO: “We are game ready to have over 600 candidates in the field, and if Brexit is not delivered there may be some local deals here and there. 

“We will, if the Conservative Party drop the ball on this, they are toast.” 

A YouGov poll carried out on June 18-19 showed 23 percent of the 1,641 British adults surveyed would vote for the Brexit Party in an election. 

The Brexit Party leader predicted Boris Johnson as the man to take the Tory crown, but questioned if the former London mayor was up to the difficult talk of delivering Brexit. 

He said: “Boris will win. The question is, what Boris do we get? Do we get brave Boris? 

“Brave Boris would perhaps get the Brussels ones to conclude there was nothing to be discussed that would come back to face down the House of Commons, and be prepared to fight an election on leaving on no deal.” 

Mr Farage, a longtime outspoken Eurosceptic, said if Mr Johnson could take this route he would be regarded as an “all-time national hero”. 

Last month the Brexit Party became one of the biggest national delegations in the European parliament when 29 MEPs were elected by the British public. 

After the group narrowly missed out on getting its first MP in Westminster in the Peterborough by-election, Mr Farage is eyeing up Brecon and Radnorshire. 

A by-election will be held in the constituency after Tory Chris Davies was booted out after pleading guilty to fraud charges. The Conservative party has reselected Mr Davies as their candidate. 

A spokesman for the Brexit Party told they intend to stand a candidate but have yet to announce who it is. 

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