Brexit LIVE: Truss ‘not backing down’ as she takes on EU’s Sefcovic – but there’s a catch

Northern Ireland Protocol: 'We'll look for alternatives' says Truss

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Jayne Adye, director of Get Britain Out, said she is concerned about the Foreign Secretary’s prospects of success given her heavy workload, couple with what Ms Adye called Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “lack of interest”. Ms Adye was writing in the wake of Ms Truss’s meeting with Mr Sefcovic, the bloc’s Brexit frontman, at Chevening House, her official residence, last week, with plans to intensify the discussions next week.

Writing in her weekly Get Britain Out bulletin, Ms Adye said: “All reports emerging are suggesting cordial meetings took place, including over dinner, and the two representatives have agreed to intensified negotiations by officials next week. However, Liz Truss has not backed down from the red lines set out by Lord Frost.”

Ms Truss had even written publicly to say she was also willing to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol if the EU does not come to the table ready to make changes, Ms Adye pointed out.

However, she added: “Despite this, I am still sceptical about how much Ms Truss will be able to accomplish. Not only is her plate already full with other and very important work around the world as Foreign Secretary, which will undoubtedly result in a reduced focus on Brexit, but her junior, the Minister for Europe, Chris Heaton Harris MP, will no doubt end up doing most of the day-to-day negotiating.

“However, it is worth noting he backed Theresa May’s ‘Brexit In Name Only’ deal back in 2019. It is clear that while he might describe himself as a ‘Fierce Eurosceptic’, his judgement on what will actually deliver Brexit may be poor.

“In addition, as it stands the Prime Minister is clearly showing no meaningful interest in making sure a Real Brexit is delivered. I do not see anything to show the PM has changed his attitude.”


‘Unlike anything we’ve ever seen’

Gary Johnston of Mathys & Squire, said: “The Brexit-fuelled rush to file trademarks and appoint UK attorneys in 2021 has been unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the UK.

“Businesses from around the world have been forced to spend much more time and money on protecting their intellectual property separately in the UK. UK businesses have had exactly the same problem with their European IP.

“We’ve been tremendously busy filing applications for UK businesses in Europe too.

“This huge volume of filings is unlikely to go away. Now we have left the European trademark regime, this is the level of activity we can expect in the future.”

Trademark applications surge after Brexit

Brexit has triggered a record number of applications for trademarks in the UK, leading to an increase in waiting times for approval, according to a new report.

There were 195,000 registrations in the year to last October, up by 54% from the previous 12 months, said intellectual property law firm Mathys & Squire.

Since January 2021, the UK is no longer part of the European trademark regime, meaning that any business looking to trademark a brand or logo across Europe has to make a separate application in the UK, said the report.

Waiting times for trademark applications reached three to four months in the early part of 2021, up from the usual couple of weeks, it was indicated.

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