Andrew Neil accuses New York Times of ‘having it in for’ Britain since voting for Brexit

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He claimed that articles in the paper “regularly depict Britain as a plague-ridden, poverty-stricken hellhole in terminal decline”. The broadcaster also accused the New York Times of having “assembled an impressive array of Britain-haters to spread their bile” over the last six years. He continued: “The paper specialises in gory endings for dear old Blighty.

“Last month, it reported Britain was melting.

“The month before, it said we were sinking into the sea.

“So I guess break-up is the least of our worries.”

Mr Neil also hit out at the outlet for covering problems in the US “half-heartedly” and failing to hold politicians to account.

Writing in the Daily Mail, he said: “The paper is more concerned with Britain’s supposed problems than those in its own backyard, which are far greater than anything we face.

“After all, the major Western economy that is now ‘stagnant’ is not Britain but America, which has been in recession for all of this year so far.”

He also said America has “a lot more to worry about than Britain” when it comes to “social fragmentation”, explaining: “The sense of social breakdown in so much of urban America is palpable.

“So much so that Americans are buying guns in record numbers to protect themselves.

“Whatever social problems we have are simply nowhere as bad as in the U.S.

“Of course, The New York Times covers these developments, but half-heartedly and without holding the politicians responsible to account.”

Many social media users agreed with Mr Neil’s points.

Responding to Mr Neil’s comments on Twitter, one user, @artiphishal1 wrote: “Excellent observation!”

Colin Paul (@JjhColin) added: “Agreed, well said Andrew.”

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Meanwhile, Brian Chambers (@speedy1uk) speculated: “It could be that America now realises that it is starting to lose its grip on the world order and less people are bothered what it thinks”.

Kessler C Younger (@kessler_younger) added: “95 percent of Americans would never want to join a political union like the EU.

“It’s hilarious when they talk about stuff like Brexit.”

However, others disagreed with Mr Neil.

David Head (@DavidHeadViews) wrote: “Because the New York Times is a grown-up newspaper that tells its readers what #Brexit Britain is actually like.

“You won’t get that from the Mail, which is a propaganda rag.”

Simon Shadbolt (@SimonShadbolt) asked: “Andrew – are you saying that journalists cannot comment on the state of other nations until their own nation is pure, guilt-free and unblemished?”

He added: “Your logic would stop almost all foreign correspondent reports. Very odd.”

Meanwhile, NiK (@KrajewskiNic) said: “Because the New York Times is a sensible and well-written newspaper.

“They research what they write.”

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