New ICO: CVproof, JOYSO ICO, MediChain ICO, REME-Coin

CVproof is the ultimate Career Credentials Validation platform leveraging the blockchain technology to let out 100% transparency and reliability to the global job market.

Working as a next job permit or ‘laissez-passer’, CVproof allows companies to easily verify – and in a cost-effective way – whether an applicant holds the validated career credentials needed for the role. It is the first digital CV platform to guarantee full integrity around the credentials at each major career milestone.

JOYSO suggests a hybrid design for token trading, combining the advantages of a centralized exchange – fast and fully-featured – with the advantages of a decentralized exchange – improved security and privacy.

This hybrid exchange (HEX), able to handle all ERC20-compatible tokens, eliminates the need to trust a central exchange with your private key or personal information, reducing to a historical minimum any opportunities for hacking. It takes order placement and order matching off-chain, substantially improving the user experience compared to decentralized exchanges.

MediChain is a Medical Big-Data Platform. Our proposed system allows patients to store their own data off-chain in an appropriate geographic domain, and give access to doctors and specialists anywhere, regardless of the payer network or EMR used.

Patients, doctors, and hospitals could put data into a compliant cloud which becomes part of the MediChain ecosystem and the blockchain stores pointers and rules on usage and anonymity, while the data itself is stored off-chain in a compliant cloud. is convinced that the data belong to the users and that users should also benefit from the monetization of their data. For this reason, the company develops the REME-Coin, whose value is based on the data of’s community. Our community is based on the fair share principle: the more data receives from the community, the more cashback will be distributed to the community.

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