DataBroker DAO Presale is Ongoing Join Now to Get 50% Bonus

The much anticipated DataBroker DAO Presale finally kicks off after the platform completed the upgrade of their Alpha V2 version of their decentralized data broking platform.

Quite many users have been sending feedback to the DataBroker DAO team since the project began. The team has listened attentively to the requests of potential users of the platform. Most of the issues talked about by users have been moved to top priority in the DAO roadmap.

Alpha 2.0

In most of the messages sent to the DAO team by token holders, partners, prospective users and others, there was one thing in common with all the requests. They all wanted a form of assurance concerning the quality of the data that will be traded on the DataBroker DAO platform. This is what motivated the team to re-engineer the platform entirely.

Presently the DAO team has a brand new token curated registry with DTX token staking. The discovery release is bursting with exciting features. It has quite a number of sensors in Belgium. These sensors’ major duty is to look for data built on token curated registries.

DAO has also created a new DApp whose primary duty is to discover new data sets that make it easier for clients to search for the data they need.

DataBroker DAO is the number one platform for organizations, governments or the average joe that need IoT sensor data to carry out vital operations.

The industry is experiencing exponential rise but many more people are finding it hard to get the data as a majority of the data is not being shared. Instead its stuck in data silos.

Analysts have predicted that the industry will be worth about 1.2 trillion USD in 2019. When this happens, IoT sensor owners will have a majority of the data.

DTX Token

The presale of the DTX token has been live since March 19, 2018. The DTX token is the native cryptocurrency of the DataBroker DAO platform. DTX will facilitate all transactions on the platform. DTX is an ERC20 token.

Ethereum is the primary medium of exchange during the presale and the Crowdsale.

The presale rate is 1 ETH = 4000 DTX, and there is a 50% bonus for all presale contributors. The least amount any participant can contribute is 10 ETH.

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