The Luna Foundation Guard Loans Out $750M in Bitcoin to OTC Trading Firms to Protect UST's Peg

The LFG to Loan $750M Worth of Bitcoin to Protect the UST Peg

Consequently, ‘UST has experienced notable directional flow over the weekend, accompanied by similar volatility in both LUNA and BTC. While this flow has currently evened out, it is prudent to prepare for potential future volatility.’

The plan to protect TerraUSD (UST) from depegging involves loaning out $750 million worth of Bitcoin to OTC trading firms to help maintain the peg. At the same time, 750 million UST will be loaned out to similar firms to accumulate BTC as market conditions normalize.

The team at the Luna Foundation Guard explained how the funds would be utilized to defend UST’s peg.

The traders will trade the capital on both sides of the market…eventually maintaining parity of the LFG Reserve pool (denominated in BTC) as market conditions progressively stabilize.

The LFG is not Exiting its Bitcoin Position – Terra’s Do Kwon

Terra’s founder, Do Kwon, supplemented the announcement by the Luna Foundation Guard and further elaborated that LFT was not trying to exit its Bitcoin position. The goal is to have its capital in the hands of a professional market maker to maintain the UST peg. He explained:

First, *LFG is not trying to exit its bitcoin position*.

The goal is to have this capital in the hands of a professional market maker such that:

1) Buy UST if price < peg

2) Buy BTC if price >= peg

thus significantly strengthening the liquidity around UST peg

He went on to add the following:

While buys and sells of UST are not meaningfully directional now, we felt it was valuable to have capital ready to be deployed in the current market.

As markets recover, we plan to have the loan redeemed to us in BTC, increasing the size of our total reserves.

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