Stellar (XLM) Recovers on Lightning Network News

After recent lows, the XLM digital asset is trying to regain positions.

Stellar (XLM) continued to move up to about 9% in the past day, reaching a price of $0.25. While still far from the price peaks, the Stellar project has unrolled impressive goals for 2018, and building a Lightning Network is one of those goals.

Granted, the technology does not exist yet, and is experimental even in the case of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Yet for Stellar, this is at least a short-term bid to increase attention in the field where platforms are starting to compete for usability.

While the Stellar network boasts of fast transactions, the Lightning Network would also allow off-chain sending through routing and nodes. In theory, this may link Stellar to other blockchains:

“Lightning even has the potential to support cross-protocol payments, such as a payment where the sender sends Bitcoins on the Bitcoin network and the recipient receives lumens on the Stellar network, without having to trust any parties in between,” explained the Stellar team.

Yet Stellar developers still work on the theoretical side of the protocol, and at this point, the implementation of a Lightning Network system once again looks like a buzzword. The Lightning Network has been proposed in the past, but was always a theoretical possibility. Even now, the system is rather unstable and only test amounts of BTC are sent over it.

With these news, XLM is starting to recover after a month-long slide, and volumes are starting to pick up. Yet at this point, trading and interest are quite unlike those in December, and the recovery remains uncertain. Still, XLM is an attractive and relatively low-priced asset.

Stellar Speculation Increases

The Stellar digital asset is attractive for its price growth potential, since it appreciated from levels of $0.001 in March last year. The robust growth and the presence as a top 10 coin attracted attention to the platform. Since the end of February, XLM is available on eToro, though without owning the asset outright.

Additionally, XLM is also a part of the Abra portfolio of synthetic crypto assets, but this easy wallet and no-fee trading platform also does not allow to hold the actual digital asset, as it would be held in a wallet with a private key.

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