South Korea has the largest audience of young crypto-currency investors

The review, published this week, shows that South Korea has the largest number of young crypto-currency investors. Many residents of the country in their 20 years are actively investing in digital assets. The region became a hotbed of stock exchanges, as more than 2 millions of South Korean citizens own some of the most popular digital assets.

According to the regional edition of Yonhap, South Korean residents aged 20 are very active when it comes to crypto-investment and trade. The country is the fourth largest economy in Asia, and it is becoming a popular region for trading in digital currencies, despite the expected government regulations.

Local news shows that more than 2 million residents claim to own popular crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Bitcoin Core and Ethereum. The Korean Fund for the Protection of Financial Investors conducted a survey in December and interviewed 2530 respondents between the ages of 25 and 64.

South Korea – the most active region of crypto-investment

The survey data show that about 22,7% of respondents are participants of the crypto-currency ecosystem. Of all age groups, on average 13,9% were also relatively active investors. These metrics were followed by residents for thirty (19,3%) and for forty (12%).

The survey showed that South Korean youth are the most active investors in the world. Despite the fact that investors, who were for 60 years, were the lowest in terms of the number of indicators, they amounted to the highest index in terms of the amount invested.

The Fund for the Protection of Financial Investors of Korea says that this group spent an average of 6,58 million Won (6161 US dollar). Respondents 30-year-olds paid 3,73 million Vaughn (3 478 US dollars), and those youngest investors reached a mark of more than 29 million Vaughn (more than 27000 US dollars).

Moreover, the research data show that more than 70% of the surveyed residents believe that crypto-currencies are "investments for the future". While about 30% of 2530 respondents use the digital currency as a means of payment.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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