Snoop Dogg to perform at Ripple’s NYC Blockchain event – XRP community delighted

Ripple [XRP] community goes wild upon hearing the live performance of Snoop Dogg for the upcoming ‘Blockchain week’ event at NYC on the 15th of May. Blockchain week is an event held by Ripple to commemorate and profile the synopsis to date.

XRP is ranked number three on CoinMarketCap as it is worth a market capital of $33,001,580,435 with XRP currently trading at $0.89.  The Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg has promoted digitalized currency before, commenting on his Twitter account vouching “Put that Crip in that Crypto” for Robinhood Crypto App. As of now celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, Jammie Foxx, and Paris Hilton have endorsed or invested in cryptocurrency.

Snoop Dogg has been featured as the ‘lungs’ of the hip-hop and rap community. At the Ripple’s fore-coming event, he’ll be exhibited as a prominent figure from the music industry supporting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Snoop Dogg is known worldwide for his music and endorsement for the legalization of marijuana. The world-class singer-performer is expected to make a spectacular presence endorsing for VIP event hosted by Ripple.

XRP has a diverse community that consists of financial institutions, exchanges, wallets, validators, educators, developers, market makers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, etc. They will be selectively inviting VIPs for the Blockchain week.

Ripple’s announcement

There is an awaiting talk show between Cory Johnson and Brad Garlinghouse tomorrow at 3:30 pm PST wherein they’ll be doing an in-depth analysis of Ripple.


Ripple’s recent tweet, Jacob Anderson comments:

“He must have understood ‘shizzle’ instead of ‘ripple’ when they called him up to ask for the event. And then he will perform a rap ‘ripple my nipple’.  Instead he should just invest in Dogycoin, he might get some incentives there.”

Juan Suarez O a twitter user says:

“Big, big fan of #XRP and @Ripple but, for some reason, this move doesn’t seem right for a digital asset whose principal pitch are for financial Institutions. Maybe, another singer/celebrity would have done a better trick, unless I’m missing the point.”

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