Ripple vs. SEC: Another Win For Ripple As Judge Torres DENIED SEC’s Motion to File an Interlocutory Appeal. – Coinpedia Fintech News

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) experienced a setback in its legal battle against Ripple, a prominent digital payment protocol and cryptocurrency (XRP). The SEC’s motion to appeal a previous loss was denied by District Judge Analisa Torres, sparking various reactions within the crypto community and impacting XRP’s market position. Let’s delve into the details of this case and explore its implications in a simplified manner.

The Denied Motion: A Closer Look

On August 18th, the SEC filed a pre-motion for an interlocutory appeal against a court judgment. Initially, Judge Analisa Torres granted permission for the SEC to file the appeal. However, the request was ultimately denied by Judge Torres. She ruled that the SEC had failed to provide sufficient evidence to justify the appeal, stating that it would not “materially advance the ultimate termination of the litigation.”

The Howey Test Controversy

One of the central points of contention was the SEC’s claim that the court had improperly applied the Howey test to the case. In her rejection of the appeal, Judge Torres emphasized that the Howey test was irrelevant to this particular case. She cited a 2009 lawsuit to support her argument, stating that the circumstances surrounding the Howey test did not warrant consideration for an interlocutory appeal.

Judge Torres’s decision to deny the SEC’s motion to appeal was grounded in the absence of substantial grounds for differences of opinion on controlling legal questions. This means the SEC failed to demonstrate a significant legal dispute or ambiguity that warranted an appeal. While this is a setback for the SEC, the case is far from over, with a trial date set for April 2024 to resolve the remaining issues.

Ripple’s lawyer, John Deaton, correctly anticipated the outcome, believing that the SEC’s motion for an appeal would be rejected. He speculated that this would allow Judge Torres to clarify her reasoning further and make the case “appeal-proof.” Indeed, Judge Torres reinforced her reasoning and upheld the rejection of the SEC’s appeal.

Following the announcement of the denied appeal, XRP price experienced a notable rally, increasing by about 5%. While the denied motion is a positive development for Ripple and its supporters, the journey through the legal corridors is not concluded. The upcoming trial in 2024 will further explore unresolved issues and could still swing in favor of either party.

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