Panther Protocol Partners with Vegaswap AMM Protocol to Promote User Confidentiality

Panther Protocol, a privacy-focused protocol, is now partnering with Vegaswap automated market maker (AMM) protocol to promote user confidentiality.

Notably, the Vegaswap user-centered AMM platform provides users with a variety of DeFi and cross-chain applications. With customizable liquidity pools (LP), an intuitive user interface, and dynamic pricing, the platform smoothens the process of earning through tokens. Additionally, Vegaswap supports unique smart pools and provides analytics thereby cutting down temporary losses with flexible speed. In this way, LPs find their work not only efficient but also profitable.

Oliver Gale, CEO, and co-founder of Panther Protocol said, “Vegaswap solves the issue of being able to trade assets from different blockchains in a DEX. It offers a global DeFi marketplace supporting cross-chain transactions. It is a necessary development in the DeFi space.”

“The DeFi ecosystem ($71t) provides transaction audit capabilities but is limited when it comes to protecting user confidentiality. – DeFi cannot survive without confidentiality – Privacy enables confidentiality. The integration and partnership with Vegaswap, its attributes, and other technology areas as well as having Vegaswap as a Privacy Miner will lead to the modification of data to mask sensitive information of all its users,” Gale added.

On the other hand, Panther Protocol provides DeFi privacy end-to-end. It provides DeFi users with 100% collateralized privacy-promoting digital assets, thereby utilizing tokenomics incentives and zkSNARKs tech. Depositing crypto assets from any blockchain into Panther vaults enables users to mint zero-knowledge zAssets. The latter is an ever-expanding asset class for users who value privacy in their transactions.

Vegaswap CEO, Ben Cortes says, “We are very keen to work with Panther to guarantee privacy in our AMM marketplace. We have big ambitions and recognize that privacy will be a key part of the DeFi sector going forward. With Partner, we will able to transact across chains with privacy.”

Specifically, the integration will involve Vegaswap enlisting the Panther token, $ZKP, on the exchange as Panther includes Vegaswap into its Treasury Management. In addition to Vegaswap integrating on MetaMask API, the protocol will serve as Panther’s Privacy Miner.

“We see ourselves working very closely with Panther and look forward to the opportunity,” Ben added.

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