OTC Market to be Disrupted by Solution for Crypto Investors

For quite some time now, the off-the-exchange cryptocurrency market has been associated with major players and "whales," who closed deals worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. On the opposite side of the spectrum were OTC platforms designed for ordinary people, where users could buy or sell nominal amounts of cryptocurrency, $10 or so. But in this market there wasn't and still isn't to this day a happy medium, and its emergence, ICOBox experts believe, can drastically improve the entire digital currency trade and propel the industry to entirely new heights.

“As the rates of main cryptocurrencies continue to stabilize and the demand for these assets continues to grow, the market will see in influx of medium-sized businesses and private investors who have fiat savings and are looking to diversify their holdings. In the current situation these new players will immediately discover that it is impossible for them to quickly and profitably buy cryptocurrencies,” says Nick Evdokimov, prominent blockchain visionary, expert in launching new IT startups, and founder of ICOBox. “The situation could be compared to standing in the middle of a major city, looking at residential buildings being built, but being unable to find a single realtor who would help you buy an apartment – a perfect stalemate.”   

According to ICOBox experts, the situation can be helped by the appearance of a completely new market player, who will occupy this vacant middle market niche. The newcomer will be attractive to the entire spectrum of users – the absolute market novices who are looking for simple transactions and intuitively accessible interface; current crypto exchange users dissatisfied with offered exchange rates and unobtainability of the entire desired crypto amounts from one source; small-time retail investors who can’t take advantage of OTC platforms due to the minor amounts of coins involved, of services similar to Localbitcoins due to the price, and of crypto exchanges because of their low capacity; and agents working on the seller’s side, who can now charge commission on their deals.   

“We believe that the solutions that would fit the needs of retail investors and medium-size businesses will start showing up very soon. It would be downright unwise not to try to occupy this highly promising vacant niche: the current market situation is extremely advantageous for businesses, the market itself is eager to find a solution that will propel the digital currency industry ahead and attract more and more users and projects from other fields,” sums up Evdokimov.

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