One of Asia’s Biggest Blockchain Conferences Is Headed to Tokyo

Beyond Blocks, the Singapore-based platform that organizes high-quality blockchain conferences in Asia for enthusiasts and crypto-investors to meet and network, is pleased to announced the next in their series. It will take place in Tokyo, Japan on April 4–5, 2018.

The conference has organized two days of exciting events, including interactive panel discussions with top experts of the blockchain field and solution-based case studies that focus on gaining experience and networking in the mushrooming crypto space. The conference will also be hosting many high-profile speakers, such as founder and CEO of Red Pulse, Jonathan Ha, and founder and CEO of Unblocked, Helen Disney.

The event will take place at the five-star luxury hotel Westin Tokyo, in the residential neighborhood of Yebisu. And while this is Building Blocks’ first time holding a conference in Tokyo, they held the highly regarded Blockchain World Conference in Bangkok in December 2017. Over 1,000 guests from more than 30 countries attended this event to network and listen to its speakers, and it was Bangkok’s most successful blockchain conference yet. 

Beyond Blocks Tokyo Summit anticipates a similarly successful event in Tokyo this April. By solidifying a physical business platform where people can connect and interact with regards to their shared interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Beyond Blocks hopes to power a collective push forward in the space, as well as fuel a desire for attendees to learn more.

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Why You Need To Be at Summit Tokyo

  • Japan is an international hotspot for blockchain and Bitcoin
  • Speakers at the top of the blockchain/cryptocurrency field will be engaging with interesting and controversial topics in debates and panel discussions
  • This offers the perfect opportunity to connect and network with blockchain enthusiasts in a welcoming environment
  • You’ll be able to explore innovative blockchain start-ups that are disrupting industries across the board and participate in Q&A sessions to see how they will affect you in the future
  • The conference falls during cherry-blossom season – the perfect time to visit Japan! 


Your Perks for Attending

  • Entry to the 2-day conference and exhibition
  • Live translations for all speaker panels
  • Interactive workshops led by top-tier industry experts 

The Agenda

The 2-day blockchain summit will address such key topics as:

The conference will also include an exhibition and an in-depth workshop for attendees of the summit.

The Speakers

To read more about the speakers, follow the following link:

Why Japan?

2017 was the year cryptocurrency and the Fintech (financial technology) industry finally went mainstream. At last, people began to recognize the potential of the blockchain  to disrupt —  and more than just individual investors are starting to take notice. Governments, corporations, and regulating institutions want in, and many of them are stepping up to place restrictions on certain of crypto’s functionalities that are designed to evade centralized control.

Certain countries are calling for a complete ban on cryptocurrencies, but Japan, which tends to be on the cutting edge of new technologies, has welcomed blockchain and cryptocurrencies with open arms. In direct opposition to other Asian countries, Japan is wholeheartedly in favor of blockchain-related activities, thus providing a fertile ground for tech startups and other innovative ventures. The result is an explosion of blockchain-related opportunities, and a vast array of exchanges, ICOs, and crypto startups are proliferating in Japan, making it a top global leader in Fintech.

And this, in turn, means that Japan, and Tokyo in particular, is the most exciting and dynamic place to hold a summit for meeting and talking with everyone on the cutting edge of the blockchain movement!

Ticketing Details

Beyond Blocks Summit Tokyo 2018 will take place at The Westin Tokyo, April 4–5, 2018 from 09:00–18:00.

If you’re interested in attending the summit, you’re in luck! Early bird tickets are currently on sale for 500 USD until March 18th, at which point they will be sold at their full price of 1,200 USD.

To purchase, visit their ticket page at:

For more details, visit their website, check out their Facebook, or Tweet them.

Also, you can check out some of their published writings at their Medium page.

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