LBank Recruits Global Elites to Share Crypto Growth Dividends

Digging out promising projects to benefit users has been the consistent goal of LBank. Perfect coordination among various departments in LBank and efficient decision-making has laid a concrete foundation to dig out new promising projects and get listed on LBank at the earliest time, in the meantime to forecast the future trends. As a result, LBank was the first platform to launch high-quality projects such as ZEC, VET. Also, LBank initially listed high-quality emerging projects such as GTC. Furthermore, LBank is always the first CEX to list or hold special sales of some great projects such as Babydoge, Mina, Dora, KINE, Nabox, etc.

Multi-country compliance to accelerate global deployment

As one of the earliest crypto exchanges, LBank has reliable financial licenses such as NFA/ MSB (U.S), MSB (Canada), and AUSTRAC (Australia). LBank ranks first in the industry in terms of annualized return on defi mining. In addition to strong asset management services, LBank has also invested more than 100 projects in the primary market with the aim at building a comprehensive crypto ecosystem.

Enjoy the mutual benefits of LBank’s development roadmap

At present, LBank has cooperated with many partners in North America, Middle East, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia etc. In order to further develop the global market, we are now recruiting global elites to enjoy a win-win growth!

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