Is The Wealthiest Man In The Crypto Space?

Ripple Labs is the company which founded the Ripple blockchain and is termed as one of the fastest blockchain for payment execution. The native token of Ripple Labs, XRP saw a big increase in price last year in 2017 and over the past month the price has fluctuated all over the shop. Ever since the jumping of price, one of the most important figures in the industry, the co-founder of Ripple Labs, Chris Larsen and the CEO Brad Garlinghouse have been in the limelight.

Earlier this year, in January, Forbes news reported that Chris Larsen was estimated to be worth more than $37.3 billion before the markets saw a huge drop and saw XRP falling over 70%. Garlinghouse was also estimated to be worth around $9.5 billion with all the XRP tokens he owns taken into consideration as well.

A recent report by Forbes titled ‘The Definitive Ranking of The Wealthiest Americans’ shows Larsen to be named as one of the top 400 richest people in America and he was also the only person on the list who was there due to crypto.

This makes Larsen the wealthiest man in the crypto space.

On the Forbes list, Larsen was ranked at the 383rd spot with the previous 17 being worth an estimated $2.1 billion including the likes of Jeffrey Lurie, Getty Oils Gordon Getty and so on.

The number one spot has once again has gone to the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos with Mircosoft’s Bill Gates in the second spot on the Forbes list.

Following the promising launch of xRapid, Larsen’s fortune is expected to get a lot bigger and with the 105% increase, it gave to the token, Japan’s SBI Group and OnePay FXwith Spain’s Banco Santander as some of its pioneers. Last week the Ripple Swell conference attracted the likes of former US President, Bill Clinton so this is always good publicity for the company.

Like most digital currencies at the time of writing, XRP is in the green with a 3.31% increase over the past day and is currently priced at $0.491.

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