Fujitsu Inaugurates International Blockchain Innovation Center In Brussels

Fujitsu has signaled its long-term commitment to blockchain technology with the inauguration of its European Blockchain Innovation Center to be built in Belgium.

  • The Japanese multinational information technology firm Fujitsu announced that it is building a research and development center in Brussels with the goal of exploring “next generation applications” for blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

    According to an official statement from Fujitsu, Brussels was selected for its “geographical, political, technological and linguistic advantages for international organizations that are considering applications of blockchain technology.”

    Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, Kris Peeters, said about the deal:

    “Belgium is the ideal place to establish an international competence center such as the Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Center. Belgium is located in the center of Europe. Moreover, Belgium’s economy is driven by innovation … It is important that all levels of government continue to actively work with innovative companies to sustain the overall economic fabric in Belgium.” 

    The new center will host collaborative research facilities for Fujitsu’s work with external partners to develop blockchain and other DLT solutions. Moreover, The Japanese firm’s statement emphasizes Fujitsu’s aim “to develop blockchain technology beyond financial services.” Specifically, Fujitsu is interested in the new tech as a foundational architecture for next-generation information systems. 

    “We are already seeing high levels of interest from our customers in better understanding how they can integrate blockchain into business processes,” said Yves de Beauregard, head of Fujitsu Benelux. “Our new Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels demonstrates the importance Fujitsu attaches to blockchain as a technology … The underlying principle of blockchain is that transactions are virtually impossible to alter, creating a high level of trust.” 

    Recently, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Fujitsu Research and Development Center Co. announced they are also working on technology that can preemptively verify risks associated with EDCCs, also called smart contracts.

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