European Commission to Discuss About Possible Use Cases of Blockchain Technology

On April the 10th, the European Commission has decided to organize an event called Digital Day. In the event European Union (EU) countries debated about how to do more together on the digital front. Some of the most important cooperation topics discussed were artificial intelligence, blockchain, and health.

European Digital Day 2018

Andrus Ansip, European Commissioner for Digital Single Market and Vice President of the European Commission, opened the Digital Day 2018 saying what he believes are the key features that should be discussed between the different EU members. He said that Europe should focus on AI, blockchain technologies, and healthcare. 

“Today is the time to look at the progress made over the last year. How to keep up the momentum, to build on our Rome success, and go further in other important areas of the Digital Single Market. This year, I will again ask countries to commit to Europe’s digital and data-based future – with a focus on artificial intelligence, healthcare and blockchain technologies.”

The European Union has been discussing different regulations for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Some countries are taking harder measures, like Poland, while others are trying to impose more flexible regulations like Spain or Germany.

At the same time, some authorities are becoming worried about the possibility to lose important enterprises that are not able to find a good regulatory framework in the EU. And it is very clear what Andrus Ansip explains.

“I would like to see EU countries make a similar commitment to blockchain technologies – now moving out of the lab and going mainstream,” said Mr Ansip. “As with AI: we should make the most of this new opportunity to innovate”

Andrus Ansip is an Estonian politician that was Prime Minister of Estonia between 2005 and 2014. Nowadays, Estonia is one of the most open countries towards bitcoin, blockchain and new technologies. In the past we have reported how Estonia wanted to start its own Initial Coin Offering and create a national cryptocurrency known as Estcoin. The European Central Bank (ECB) stopped this initiative that now is in stand-by.

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