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In a recent letter, major U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has raised serious concerns about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposed crypto tax reporting requirements. Coinbase argues that these rules could inflict significant harm on the industry and constitute invasive surveillance of American citizens.

The draft rules, aimed at bolstering tax compliance in the cryptocurrency space, would introduce an unprecedented level of monitoring into people’s daily lives, according to Coinbase. The company has cautioned that these provisions would create excessively complex and burdensome reporting obligations for individuals and businesses in the crypto sector.

The Blockchain Association, an industry advocacy group, has previously expressed similar concerns, asserting that the proposed regulations, if implemented as written, could effectively stifle crypto innovation in the United States.

A group of Democratic senators, led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, sent their letter to the IRS, advising the agency to stand firm against industry complaints. Their primary concern was that the proposed rules might take too long to effect, disadvantaging law-abiding Americans and causing the federal government to lose billions of dollars in tax revenue. The senators urged the IRS to implement the regulations as swiftly as possible.

Coinbase, on the other hand, contends that the new tax reporting duties should be imposed only on entities directly involved in facilitating cryptocurrency transactions rather than imposing them on the broader ecosystem of the industry.

IRS Claims to be Missing out on Significant Tax Money

The IRS maintains that it is losing substantial tax revenue due to crypto non-compliance. Nevertheless, Coinbase insists that the draft regulations represent an overbroad overreach into consumer privacy. The exchange has called upon the agency to narrow the scope of required disclosures significantly. While acknowledging that some enhanced reporting may be warranted, Coinbase argues that the proposal goes too far.

It’s important to note that the IRS must consider public feedback before finalizing these rules. Coinbase’s concerns reflect the broader industry’s apprehensions about the potential negative impact of overly broad policies on innovation and the need for regulations to balance compliance and fostering progress in the crypto sector.

Navigating the complex landscape that includes the perspectives of lawmakers, tax authorities, and crypto industry stakeholders will require a nuanced approach and compromises to enhance compliance without stifling innovation.

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