Cardano Reveals State of 3 Critical Indicators to Trigger the Long-Awaited Vasil Upgrade

Cardano is putting in extra efforts to ensure the smooth rollout of the much-anticipated Vasil Hard Fork upgrade. Slated to occur much earlier in the past, the upgrade has seen a lot of delays due to new realities. As concerns of bugs abound, the Cardano team attempts to update the community on the progress of the rollout.

With a target of 75%, 42% of Cardano SPOs are already running the latest node

Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the technology firm in charge of maintaining the Cardano blockchain, released an update on Thursday. The update addressed the recent concerns surrounding the Vasil upgrade and noted the rollout status as of August 25.

IOHK noted three areas of interest the team is looking into regarding the set-up in preparation for the upgrade. Regarding Exchanges, the team mentioned they have one last stride to make before exchanges can integrate.

According to them, this is the Cardano wallet Configs/Nix docker setup. The liquidity target is 80% which represents 25 exchanges. The team asked the community to expect an update on their progress in the next few days.

The latest Vasil node release is node 1.35.3 (v.7.2). According to IOHK, 3,176 Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) are currently running the newest release, accounting for 42% of all SPOs. This number has increased considerably in the past few days and makes some auspicious indications. The target rate is 75%. Notwithstanding, most SPOs—amounting to 4,234—are still running the 1.34.1 (v.6.0) release. This number accounts for 56% of all SPOs.

Talking about dApps, IOHK noted that 4 out of the Top 10 dApps by Cardano TVL are making tests on the latest release, being node 1.35.3. They expect the number to increase in the coming days and promise to update the community.

Charles Hoskinson insists recent bug has been fixed with the latest release

Concerning the pre-production environment, IOHK acknowledged the fact that there was a config issue this week. They further revealed that the issue had been addressed and resolved, with chain density indicated as currently being flawless.

Furthermore, IOHK noted that no new bugs were discovered as of August 25. The development team also detected no major (Sev 1-3) bugs. However, the team found nine outstanding minor (Sev4 or Sev5) bugs.

The Vasil upgrade promises a plethora of improvements to the Cardano blockchain. The upgrade was slated for June 29, but there have been several delays since then. IOHK noted that the development team is looking to ensure the upgrade goes through smoothly, hence the postponement.

Most recently, a Cardano developer, Adam Dean highlighted a bug with Node v.1.35.2. Reports of the testnet being “catastrophically broken” surfaced. The team released the latest v.1.35.3, but there were claims of the bug finding its way to the newest version. Taking to Twitter, Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, refuted these claims. He noted that the development team had fixed the bug with the latest release.

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