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Bitcoin currently hovers around the $5,000 mark. With financial markets crashing left and right, crypto advocates and detractors alike continue to debate the future trajectory of crypto prices. The volatility in crypto has made it harder for new users looking to make their first purchase or trade, a factor that affects the rate of mainstream adoption.

Users Join the Staking Bandwagon 

Many turn to staking as an effective way to continually earn passive rewards on their holdings without running the potential risk of breaking the bank to minimize the impact of crypto prices. The staking market has seen major maturation and currently sits at an all-time high of over $8 billion, galvanized by exchanges fully embracing this incentives model. 

ProBit Exchange provides unique staking features centered around Trade Mining, which enables users who have 100,000 PROB staked to attain the VIP 6 membership level and unlock 100% trading fee refunds for BTC, XRP, and ETH complemented by well-rounded trading fee discounts.

With respect to the trading pairs for which Trade Mining is not applicable, trading fees are as low as 0.03% when such fees are paid in PROB depending upon VIP membership level determined by the PROB staking amount. The low trading fees are unprecedented in the market and a considerable financial boon for the more active traders.

PROB staking also generates passive PROB rewards calculated at 4% per annum on PROB staking amount, which are distributed daily to PROB staking accounts through the Stake Mining Program. Furthermore, PROB staking accounts receive referral bonuses and get access to ProBit Exchange’s staple trading competitions.

PROB was consistently included among CryptoDIffer’s Daily Gainers as one of the top ROI beneficiaries throughout mid-March, speculating a correlation between the surging price and lessening competition in the face of the recent crypto regulations in Korea. The last time rival company Upbit got hacked, PROB tokens mooned more than 30% in just minutes.

ProBit Exchange’s staking events have also become widely endorsed by projects looking to incentivize users through a passive staking revenue with the most recent Castweet event that was completed barely a week after launching due to popularity and several more still running as of press time. 

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