Blockchain Mobile Network YOVO Teams With Blockpass Identity Service

YOVO, a blockchain mobile network, has partnerd with Blockpass, a data secure user identity and compliance solution. The companies want to make it possible to sign up for mobile phone service from anywhere, at any time, all while ensuring full data security for the user.

YOVO is a mobile network built on the Stellar blockchain with privacy a paramount concern. YOVO offers a range of innovative SIM-based mobile products, including YOVO Pay, which allows users to pay for their mobile service in cryptocurrency in more than 130 countries without having to change their network or SIM.

Blockpass is digital identity application where users can create, store, and manage data-secure digital identity that can be used for an ecosystem of services or token purchase.

Integration of YOVO and Blockpass will, the companies claim, make signing up for mobile service faster and more secure.

“We are committed to driving adoption of blockchain, and mobility is the perfect channel to reach just about everyone on the planet,” said Richard Skaife, CEO and Co-Founder at YOVO. “Your smartphone is easily the most valuable device in your life and our partnership with Blockpass ensures it is protected from many of the known security and identity issues that mobile users face.”

“YOVO is a really exciting partnership for Blockpass,” said Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri. “The addition of a mobile network is unlike any other partner we have added to our ecosystem to date and brings very exciting possibilities to our network.”

The partnership comes after Blockpass announced last week that token-trading platform Ethfinex would integrate its solution as part of their standard compliant ICO solution. Blockpass also launched an advanced blockchain identity research laboratory, the Blockpass Identity Lab, at the end of September in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University.

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